Agora Financial needs copywriters 
Who is Agora Financial?

We are a $250 million dollar publishing house, and the number-one direct response marketing company in the world for informational products. 

Agora is on a mission to surpass a billion dollars in annual sales. 
The way to that success? 
Copywriters are the lifeblood of Agora Financial. The real MVP’S. 
We appreciate them. They’re critical to our success. They’re highly respected. And it shows. 

The copywriters at Agora are the highest-compensated people in our company.
Our most elite writers make $1MIL+ per year.

The mid-to-top level writers are making multiple six figures. 

Money talks...and it’s telling you to work at Agora. 
Aside from the money-making potential of working with Agora, there are other big benefits...

  •  You’ll work in an environment that gives you independence and autonomy. 
  •  You’ll control the amount of success and reward you achieve.
  •  Your ideas will be supported creatively. 
  •  You can shine. (Go ahead, make your momma proud.)
Also, we don’t want to name-drop (just kidding), but our writers write for some of the most renowned, expert publishers in their field. cough * James Altucher, Robert Kiyosaki * cough

Agora supports the most innovative marketers, media buyers, and elite products in our space. 

Want to be a part of that? Read on. 
...Or your portfolio. We care about results. 
We want to win.
Are you an experienced, lifelong copywriter? Great. 

Maybe you’re a newbie writer...but you know how to impact people emotionally with your writing and inspire them into action. 

Heck, English doesn’t even need to be your first language. (Our top writer speaks English as his second language!)

If you’re thinking that you might fit the bill, keep reading. 

What separates an Agora copywriter from the rest? 

  •  Extremely decisive - You don’t spend time questioning or second guessing yourself. 
  •  You care about the end result and you like to win. 
  •  You are motivated by money. 
  •  You can focus for extremely long periods of time. 
  •  You love to research and can get lost in hours of research.
  •  You are fast paced, you don’t drag things out.
  •  You’re a self-starter. Driven. Extremely motivated. 
  •  You can handle rejection like a pro. You quickly move past losses and focus on the next win. 

These are the qualities that set our writers apart. If this sounds like you, keep reading. 

Our hiring process is simple. 
1.   Fill out an application. 
2.  You’ll be given an assignment to research a topic, then write a short piece of copy based on your research.  
3.  You’ll have 48 hours to complete the research and the copy task. 
4.  If we like what you’ve written, you’ll be invited to come for an interview and a chance to join our elite group of Copywriters. 

Those are the details. 
Sound like a good match? Swipe right. Let’s do this. 
Click the button below to start the application process. 

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